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Gevon Luxé - Women's Unity Spring Yoga Set

Gevon Luxé - Women's Unity Spring Yoga Set - The Luxstop

Gevon Luxé - Women's Unity Spring Yoga Set

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   Designed with durable fabric that is meant to keep you cool through the day, the Gevon Luxé - Women's Unity Spring Yoga Sets are more than just a fashion statement. Across the world, humanity has had to face some severely tumultuous times. Times that have questioned our ability to stick together and push forward.

We believe it is pivotal to understand the pertinence of unity in times like this, Gevon Luxé - Women's Unity Spring Yoga Set were crafted to spread the message of unity but also encourage women of every nation to let the queen within you reign supreme and be the beacon of hope, progress, and success that the future generations require.

These 100% nylon yoga set will grab the attention of everyone around for all the right reasons

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